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Since the better part of 1990, I have had the privilege of playing music with my band "The Usual Suspects". They are an amazing group of musicians and friends whom I am lucky to have in my life. Their comittment to my music over all these years has kept my own inspiration and spirit alive. I will always be thankful for their support and talent.

Chris Goane

Chris Goane

Born: Port Chester, NY Raised: Greenwich, CT Bass influences: Duck Dunn, Geddy Lee, James Jamerson, Lee Sklar, Pino Palladino Songwriter influences: Dan Fogelberg, The Eagles, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt Performance history: Leslie Costa, The Newcomers, The Short Bus, Al DiMarco Band, Fast Fingers, Bonehedz, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Bruce Willis

Leslie's comments on Chris: Chris has always delivered a smooth groove and played in the right pocket for the song. I always joke with people about how ridiculously similar he and I are in our opinions of music and life in general. When working together for a long time, we very often have the same thoughts and comments while developing a song. His bass lines are always melodic and well thought out. He is my right-hand man, and I trust his insight on all matters. I value Chris as both a friend and a long-time musical partner.

  Mary O'Hare

Mary O'Hare
Vocal, Percussion &
Acoustic Guitar

Born: Cold Spring, NY
Raised: Shrub Oak, NY
Vocal influences: Ann Wilson of Heart, Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt
Songwriter influences: Patty Larkin, Melissa Etheridge, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac
Performance history: Leslie Costa, Milk & various cover bands in the Midwest and South

Leslie's comments on Mary: Mary has had a huge effect on my life since the first night I met her back in November of 1990. She and I have a signature vocal blend that my fans have always identified with. Her harmonies create a lot depth and emotion, and they add character to the poetic delivery of my songs. I've always played my new material for her before anyone else because we've shared that stage of the creative process with each other right from the beginning. I really trust her feedback to gauge if the tune is up to standard. Mary's passion and humor have made her an integral part of my life and music.

  Stuart Stahr

Stuart Stahr

Born: Pittsburg, PA
Raised: Bloomington, Indiana & Greenwich, Connecticut
Drummer influences: Jack Dejonet, Elvis Jones, Tony Williams, Ringo Starr
Songwriter influences: Joni Mitchell, Carol King, Lennon & McCartney
Performance history: Duke Robillard, New Riders of the Purple Sage, Sue Foley, Debbie Davies, Leslie Costa

Leslie's comments on Stuart: Stuey's drumming style established the backbone of the band when we first started out in 1990. His hard-hitting style and perception of what the songs need has always grounded the band as a whole. Stuey is the only musician that I've ever played with that asks me for the lyrics when I introduce a new song so that he can read them and get what the story is all about. Aside from being a true gentleman, he is the definition of "team player". He always goes the extra to make things happen‹no questions asked. We're all thrilled to have Stuey back in the lineup.